School Visits and #167 Days of Uke!

Exciting news! Ahead of Biscuits‘ release date on 28th September, visits to schools and pre-schools are beginning to book up! Some schools have been quite specific about what they are looking for. For example, workshops for gifted and talented writers, developing enjoyment for writing. Others have left it in my very enthusiastic but capable hands. Either way, there is a lot of room to be creative …And those of you who know me well, will understand just how much joy planning these events is giving me!



…my YouTube Channel and yours truly on the ukulele! Assured it was something do-able (with 167 days to practice) I have been busy learning the chords G C and D7# to accompany my version of a much loved number rhyme; ‘Ten Squeaky Pirate Mice!’

Hopefully, they’ll be some improvement over the next few months and if there is… I’ll post it here.

A special thank you to Jon Waring; the greatest and most patient ukulele tutor a novice could ask for.

Thank you, Jon!

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