Introducing Mr Biscuits!

So we’ve met the deadline and ‘Aerodynamics of Biscuits,’ is available to pre-order on Amazon!

With three months to go until it’s in the shops, what’s left to do except put our feet up and…

…you guessed it… EAT BISCUITS!

…but not just any old biscuit.

 mr bis1 eat biscuits kim biscuits

Whilst I have been planning, editing, scheming and generally obsessing over everything biscuit related, little did I know that just around the corner, a like-minded, business-owning, biscuit loving, chef was doing the same …well, similar!

Introducing…. Mr Biscuits!

Mr Biscuits, also known as Glyn Newport, has been baking fresh shortbread, cookies and brownies for the hungry children (and adults) of Newton Abbot for the last four years and we have collaborated to celebrate that my biscuit book is on its way!

Glynn has designed and re-created several of Oliver’s biscuits from the story including shortbread spirals, crescent moons and cookies of all shapes and sizes that are certain to be a big hit with Sneaky McSqueaky’s crew of pirate mice and children and adults everywhere.

mr bis2 mr bis3friendsbiscuits

You can find the biscuits, and Mr Biscuits himself, at his shop on 34 Market Walk, Newton abbot, Devon. I can testify that it’s definitely worth a trip! It’s perfect for little ones with a secure indoor area for children to play.

And if you’re around on Saturday 17th October, Sneaky McSqueaky, Oliver and myself will be at Mr Biscuits’ shop for a book reading, sing-along, craft activity and face painting all free of charge.

Pirate fancy dress optional, ha-haarrr!

recipe glynn newport

Glyn is now busy working on a child-friendly biscuit recipe for you to try at home. We will post further details soon! In the meantime, you can find out more about Mr Biscuits and his café on his facebook page.

‘Aerodynamics of Biscuits’ is available to pre-order on Amazon now!

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