The BIGGEST (little) Oliver Jeffers’ Fans

Ahhhhhhhhh! It’s the giant octopus from Lost and Found!

Ever since we stumbled across the wonderfully funny picture book, ‘Stuck,’ my very own Oliver has been Oliver Jeffers’ biggest fan (…and his sister too!) So when we saw that an exhibition of Oliver Jeffers’ stories was coming to London, I knew we had to make visit.

image image

The exhibition was held at the Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford. We crammed a lot into our day trip to London… a visit to the Household Cavalry Museum, a Julia Donaldson show at Leicester Square, and a flying visit to the ‘Volcano and Earthquake’ section of the Natural History Museum… but Luckily, the exhibition was everything we had hoped it would be and more.


cav image image image

However, I wasn’t expecting was to stumble upon such visually engaging, practical, creative literacy centre that had such a lot to offer the children, families, carers and teachers of East London.
“Discover’s overarching mission is to spark children and adults’ imagination, curiosity and creativity in a magical and stimulating environment. We offer a variety of programmes including schools workshops, family art activities, a literature programme led by children’s writers and illustrators, community and education projects, artist residencies in schools and training for professionals that work with children and families. In The Studio we commission artists to create multisensory installations and exhibitions. Each year over 100,000 people benefit from our programmes.”

Writing postcards to our Penguin at home!
The hidden Hueys!
Trying to find ‘The Way back Home’
Has anyone lost a penguin?
A great opportunity to practice phonics skills, reading labels and captions.
What do the Hueys like to eat?
It was freezing in the South Pole!
A spot of fishing
A helping hand in the Lost and Found Office
The detail of the set was amazing… even squeaking guinea pigs in the Pet Shop!
Smiles all around!
Jeffers’ childhood photos
Our story ‘guide’ was Adam, who works in the Lost and Found Office
On the Story Trail
Sliding down a monster's tongue in the story garden!
Sliding down a monster’s tongue in the story garden!

The Centre is a registered charity and we thoroughly recommend a visit. The Oliver Jeffers’ exhibition is on until September 6th. No doubt there’ll be something equally amazing after this!

The visit’s only disappointment was that Oliver Jeffers wasn’t actually there …so we wrote him a letter instead!

oli jef

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