In Cahoots with The National Literacy Trust and The Arts Council


This time last week I was gearing up for a whole day author event at West Thornton Primary Academy, Croydon, arranged by the National Literacy Trust and funded by Arts Council.

Warmly welcomed by the staff and pupils, I was in awe of this outstanding school. The atmosphere was more like that of a university lecture than a primary school. Children worked at independently at stools, under the stairs, on bean bags and were able to talk to me in detail about their learning and assessment. It was easy to see that the children had very high levels of self-challenge, motivation and engagement and the school’s use of ICT was instrumental in this.

So it was a real privilege to be asked to work with the children of Year Two… who were also that week preparing to hold their own parents evenings! What a great idea! Continue reading

Blown away at Lady Seawards Primary School!

 DSCF0568 DSCF0567

I am, once again, blown away by children’s ideas, enthusiasm and creativity… this time with Year 4, 5 and 6 at Lady Seawards Primary School, near Exeter. It’s a privilege to be a part of their wonderful worlds and I can’t help but smile as they share the in’s and out’s of their characters. This time, armed with an enormous list of adjectives, we interviewed each other to make sure we had created a character we knew really well. Here is Jade answering questions fired at her by a crime watcher reporter in the school assembly.

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Sparkwell All Saints Primary School

Another lovely school visit, this time with the children and staff of Sparkwell All Saints Primary School. I’ve never met so many Olivers all in one room! I hope you are enjoying your copies of ‘Aerodynamics of Biscuits’ this bedtime and also enjoy the copy in your school library. Belated congratulations are in order for your recent OFTSED inspection, too!

Happy reading!

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