It’s hard to find the words…


Today words (nearly) failed me… and please note, this doesn’t happen often.

At an event at Waterstones, Drake Circus, Plymouth I was totally overwhelmed with the love and support from friends, family and shoppers.

From the busy bees making hooks and hats…

image image image
…to the face painters and PR stars (fab job, Karen!)
image image image image
From the family, friends who came to support with big smiles and hugs and cards…
image image image
. our very own life-size McSqueaky!
image image image image image
Thanks to you all we sold out of books, even selling the books in the window display! Today was a wonderful celebration and I couldn’t be prouder or more grateful.
The good news is I’ve been invited back for late night shopping in December to supply more signed copies of ‘Aerodynamics of Biscuits’ for Christmas presents… less than nine weeks away in case you wondered!
I hope you are all enjoying well-earned glass of something celebratory and have your feet up!
Thank you as always to the fabulous team at Maverick Headquarters and to those at Waterstones and Drake Circus who helped to organise the day, you are all wonderful!

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