I have come to the conclusion (and it wasn’t difficult) that joining The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is the BEST New Years resolution I ever made …. accidentally- on -purpose !


Here’s where I fess up that joining (what I now know is a wonderfully supportive group of like-minded people), was actually a mistake!

To help me explain I’ve created a timeline:

scbwi timeline one

Ahem, so you see it was kind of by accident that I became a member of SCBWI. But stumbling across the SCBWI website was the best accidental – decision I have ever made. Since joining in 2013, amazing things have happened to me:

scbwi timeline TWO

And then…

scbwi timeline THREE

And now I have that ‘on top of the world’ feeling as I celebrate being nominated for the most prestige of SCBWI awards, The Crystal Kite Award, voted for by its ever-supportive members. What an honour to be grouped with the esteemed likes of Teri terry, Lu Hersey and Phillip Davies.

So you see, SCBWI has never failed to be there for me. Whether it’s motivation, advice, support, company, friendship, encouragement or helping me to remember how far I’ve come. I owe so much to this marvelous organisation and its extra-special members.


I am enormously grateful.

Clare xx

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