An ‘Entertainingly Different’ day!

I made a day trip to North Devon yesterday to see RHS Garden Rosemoor in all its beauty. I also got to see firsthand the hilarious Professor S .Tory, as part of a series of space themed workshops and activities running throughout August.

Rosemoor is, indeed, a beautiful place to visit and Rob Pudner put on three wonderful performances that really made me smile!

With a motley crew of mice and midnight feasters, I joined the Professor to read and sign copies of ‘Aerodynamics of Biscuits’.

Of course, it would be rude to visit such a fantastic setting and not enjoy the large, open lawns. It seemed a good idea to get the children to vote and test which kind of biscuit they thought would be the most aerodynamic and fly furthest when whacked with a witch’s broom!

Rosemoor is a truly gorgeous place to visit and there’s lots going on over August for families.

And I throughly recommend making a trip to see Rob and his hilarious team, entertainingly families far and wide across Devon.

Thank you to Rob, Rosemoor and the children and families we had the pleasure of meeting. It was a wonderful day out!

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