‘Aerodynamics of Biscuits’ Premiers at Beautiful Days 

Ok, so maybe I’m biased, but hundreds of smiling, laughing, applauding families can’t be wrong! I mean… there were even songs!

Meeting families who enjoyed the show and signing copies of the book was a real treat!

At the weekend ‘Aerodynamics of Biscuits,’ a stage adaptation, made its first public appearance at Beautiful Days Festival in Exeter, with enormous thanks to Rob, Sam, Jess, Ryan and Ålan at ‘Entertainingly Different.’If you haven’t seen Rob and his team perform before you are definitely missing out! All their appearances are packed full of wit and silliness and this act was no exception.


A toe-chewing troll??
“There’s more to a biscuit than one thinks, they’re not just made to dunk in drinks!”


As a writer, seeing your book come to life in published form is an amazing feeling. I am still in awe of Sophia’s talented illustrations and ever grateful to the Maverick Team for taking a chance on my bonkers text!

Seeing Oliver and his mouse astronauts come to life on stage was just as an amazing feeling. I can’t wait to share the biscuit maddness with you all. Yes, it’s coming on tour very, VERY soon!

Did I mention there are songs??
More details about the 2017-2018 tour to follow soon!

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