Pirate Mice at Brixham Library

Today I visited Brixham Library for a story time session with a difference!

I knew to expect a great day, since Brixham delights in anything pirate, but I wasn’t expecting such a warm welcome and such enthusiastic books worms!

The little readers of Brixham Library and their families helped to act out Aerodynamics of Biscuits, hunt for missing biscuits, made their own pirate mouse dress up (including hooks and hats!) and then still had the energy to make biscuit rockets and superimpose them into outer space… although it was hungry work!

Take a look at the rockets we made. Do you have a favourite? Can you spot yours?


The team at Brixham are going a great job of supporting young readers in their community. Please pop in and say hello if you get the chance and keep an eye out for more exciting events soon!

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