World Book Week 2020

It’s always a pleasure sharing my stories with children, and this year’s World Book Week was no exception. It was the busiest yet, with visits to Minehead, Deptford, Stanwell, Malmesbury and Plymouth but I loved every minute.

There was at Minehead First School to kick start the week.

I loved working in KS2 at Tidemill Academy, Deptford and hearing about their ideas for their own stories.

It was a pleasure working with Louise, Kim and all the children of Town Farm County Primary School. Fun from start to finish!

I spent actual World Book Day at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, who were all dressed as different adjectives! Here are the children working on their own graphic novels.

Friday morning saw a fairy tale crime scene session that linked with KS1’s learning about Traditional Tales. In the afternoon, KS2 plotted and planned our own stories in a story ‘circuit’ session. Lots of fun was had by all!

And to end a great week, I was sent this fabulous photo of Duck immortalised in potato form from super-fan, Dylan!

Hoping that your World Book Week was brilliant also. I’m looking forward to next year’s celebrations already!

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