Write Mentor Writer-in-Residence

I have some SUPER exciting news!

Stuart White, founder of Write Mentor and all round wonderful person, has asked if I would be the first Write Mentor Picture Book Writer-in-Residence …and I am delighted to confirm that I agreed!

Stuart has been working at the Write Mentor helm for two years now, and approached Vashti Harding and I about further developing the Write Mentor community, looking to support creatives after courses and mentoring comes to an end. Vashti will be the Writer-in-Residence for novels, and yours truly for picture books.

Here are some of things I’ll be working on in 2021 as part of the writer-in-residence role:

– monthly video content, including lessons on craft and some personal study

– monthly webinars, where we will critique a story (from a willing volonteer) live as a group

– some text-based content on industry topics and top tips

And that’s just a fraction of the things on offer. You can also get access to critique groups and beta readers, too. You can find out more about the Learning Community Hub, here, at the Write Mentor website.

Hope to see you there!

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