Time to Move South for Winter – Launch WEEK!

At this time of year, the Arctic terns will be readying for their annual migration south. And things have been busy here, too!

On September 2nd, Time to Move South for Winter was officially published with Nosy Crow, illustrated by my hugely talented co-creator, Jenny Løvlie. I’ve been a fan of Jenny’s work for a while. She is the illustrator of The Girls/The Boys (written by Lauren Ace) and the Kitty series (written by Paula Harrison.) You can find out more about Jenny’s work here.

“Over the cold, mirrored waters of the Arctic, a tiny tern sets off on the world’s longest animal migration. On her way, she passes humpback whales, caribou, Canada geese, leatherback turtles and monarch butterflies, each on their own incredible journey south for winter.”

Time to Move South for Winter is a beautiful, lyrical and reassuring bedtime story, perfect for young animal lovers, with a map and double-page spread of non-fiction facts at the end.

There is a gorgeous animation, used to announce the news on World Migratory Bird Day, created by the publisher.

We have been absolutely blown away by the support for our beautiful book.

From windows displays….

…to book signings…

…to messages of support…

…to reviews, articles and blog posts. In fact there’s a Bookstagram tour coming soon!

Not only that, but there some exciting in person festivals and events in the diary! Lots and lots to look forward to.

And finally, I’m pleased to announce that there will soon be teaching resources available for the book. We’ll post them here when they are ready.

In the meantime, we hope they help you fall in love with our story and with our wonderful planet.

Time to Move South for Winter is available from all good bookshops. Here are some links:




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