Time to move south for winter – Bookstagram tour

At this time of year the Arctic terns are preparing to move south for winter. It’s also the time that book bloggers have taken to Instagram to share reviews of our beautiful new picture book.

It’s the Time to Move South for Winter Bookstagram Tour!


The tour began with a stop at Little Library Owl, who said some very lovely things about the lyrical text in the book and were as impressed by Jenny’s beautiful artwork as the rest of us! Full link here.


The tour continued with some very sweet video reviews from Home.Read.Play, who also created some gorgeous mixed-media artwork, inspired by Jenny’s illustrations. The full review can be found here.


Day three of the tour was courtesy of MrsSBurns, who shared her love for our book and its themes. Here’s the full review: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUHbhytsvyY/?utm_medium=copy_link


Day Four saw this fantastic collection of posts from the Edspire team, who embarked on a mini migration topic as part of their home education learning. You can watch a video of all the ways they were inspired here and also on their website:  https://www.edspire.co.uk/year_2021/09/23/book-review-time-to-move-south-for-winter/


And the tour was rounded off with this lovely review from Raising Small Readers, which reminded me of a game I played at school where children run North, South, East, West! One to add to the teaching resources, I think. The full review is here.

Lots of other lovely bloggers have joined us our tiny tern’s journey and the reviews are just glowing!

Picture Book Snob reviews ‘Time to Move South for Winter:’ ‘There is nothing I can say about this book that will adequately describe how STUNNING it is and no photos could ever do it justice either. It’s definitely one of the most magnificent and impressive books I’ve ever held in my hands. You need to get a copy (as soon as possible!) and see it for yourself. Every time you think Time to Move South for Winter can’t get any more beautiful, you turn a page and are proven wrong.’ Read more here.

Reading Zone reviews ‘Time to Move South for Winter:’ ‘Time to Move South for Winter is stunning in every way. The words used to describe the landscapes and animals are highly descriptive. They make reading this book out loud an absolute pleasure. The illustrations are soft and gentle, reflecting the tern herself. Each page offers a beautiful landscape to enjoy alongside the detailed images of the creatures.’ Read more here.

Slice of Life reviews ‘Time to Move South for Winter:’ ‘Beautifully illustrated with lyrical text, this books charts the world’s largest animal migration in exquisite detail.’

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment so positively on our new book. We are delighted to hear how much it is being enjoyed. Fingers crossed it inspires many more little reading journeys.

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