I’m really happy to share that today is launch day for my 10th picture book – Sunshine At Bedtime!

Sunshine At Bedtime is illustrated by Sally Soweol Han and published by Storyhouse who are donating 3% of the profits to the charity Rays of Sunshine.

Sunshine At Bedtime is the story of Miki who doesn’t believe it can be bedtime because it is still sunny outside. Miki and her mummy go on a magical, educational adventure to find out the science behind longer sunny days in summer.

To celebrate, I spent the morning with The Ivybridge Bookshop where we launched our book with story time and crafts. Thanks to everyone who came and for the Ivybridge team for being excellent hosts.

Inspiration for the book came from publisher, Rachel Lawrence, who was looking for a story that would help her young children go to sleep in the summer when the evenings are lighter for longer.

According to online sources, the thinking behind changing the clocks was that it would reduce energy costs because people could spend more time outside when the days were lighter and longer in summer. Whatever the origin, the changing of the clocks can be a nightmare for parents of young children.

When the clocks ‘fall back’ the children don’t get the memo about the extra hour in bed.

And when they ‘spring forward,’ they might refuse to go to bed because it’s still daylight!

We have the perfect solution… 


Other than the usual recommended things that might make bedtimes easier, such as reducing screen time and reading a book before bed, science might be the key to unlocking successful bedtimes this summer. This was the thinking behind our story – that if children understood why it was bedtime despite the lighter evenings, they might be more inclined to agree.

Setting out to explain why the days appear longer in summer, Sunshine at Bedtime is a story for 3-7yr olds in which Miki learns about the Earth’s tilt towards the Sun during summer months, about day and night and how and why we have seasons. There’s even a ‘Let’s Learn More’ page at the end for those inspired to continue learning. 

So, consider adding a little science to your bedtime routine in the summer months. Hopefully it’ll be the key to longer, restful nights… for you and your children! 

Sunshine At Bedtime is also perfect for KS1 teachers looking for a book as a hook or a book to introduce seasons and lighter evenings in summer as set out in the Science curriculum. I have added some Teaching Resources to go alongside the book here: SunshineAtBedtime

Plus, see this review in The Observer from Imogen Carter!

We really hope you enjoy reading #SunshineAtBedtime as much as we do!

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