Books That Help is a brand new online initiative launching on 1st August 2022.

I am passionate about sharing picture books that help families through hard times, using them to open conversations about the topics that challenge us. I am also an advocate of reading and writing books to support well-being. Therefore, this new site will be a place for grownups to find picture books that offer a little support through life’s ups and downs, covering subjects that include family separations, illness, grief, anxiety, well-being, moving house and more.

This is also an opportunity to celebrate a carefully curated list of outstanding picture books and the teams behind them.

I’ll be releasing some reviews every day in launch week, more details below. I’ll also be launching my very own ‘Book That Helps!’ Everything Changes,’ illustrated Asa Gilland and published by Little Tiger Press.

‘Everything Changes,’ is a lyrical book about the difficult emotions a child can feel when their parents break up, with an optimistic message of hope and resilience. You can see more of Asa’s beautiful artwork in this short trailer made by Gary Fabbri.

Trailer: https://youtube.com/shorts/cvss1D820Fw?feature=share

You can find out more about Gary and his services here.

Thanks for being here to learn more about our ‘Books That Help’ initiative. If you want to get involved please see below.

There are more exciting plans in the pipeline, but for now please subscribe to be the first to read the new reviews.

#BooksThatHelp @clarehelenwelsh


  1. Please consider adding books on bereavement Clare. We found a number of picture books for my nephew whose friend at school had recently died but only a few that explained about greif and bereavement in a gentle way.

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    1. Hello Sally, thank you for your message. Absolutely- there will definitely be books about loss, grief and bereavement. I have some very beautiful and accessible ones to share 🙂


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