Visits to Old Cleeve and The Grove

Lucky me! It’s been the season for school visits, and we’ve been back on the road in the authormobile!

I took one of my favourite school activities to Old Cleeve C of E Primary School, Somerset. Well-being jars are great for encouraging children to name and talk about feelings.

Thank you for a very special visit, Old Cleeve – extra special because it was my second time meeting you all. Still so much enthusiasm for books and reading. I loved seeing all your World Book costumes during your World Book Day parade!

(P.S. Thanks also for including Scissorella (illustrated by Laura Barrett) as one of your core English texts)

The second recent visit was to The Grove Primary School in Totnes, Devon, which was a day filled with workshops inspiring writing and a love of books. It was also a celebration of our Books That Help project together. You can read more about that here.

Take a look at some of KS2’s ideas boards from our ‘Creative Composting’ workshop. I was super impressed with the children’s imagination and their ability to make links between seemingly random ideas. Good luck with your stories!

And here are some photos of the lovely tail twisters that KS1 made and wore!

I’ll look forward to coming back and seeing you all at The Grove again, as part of our Books That Help project!

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