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TIMID (Harry Woodgate)

Timmy is a born performer! They dream of singing and dancing and performing on stage. But there’s a problem. Timmy is shy! Whenever they try to do something new, a giant lion roars all their confidence away. Then Timmy meets Nia who doesn’t feel confident enough to turn her designs into a real costume. The pair decide to help each other overcome their shyness. As well as practising and rehearsing together, Nia and Timmy get some top tips from their families and teacher that include meditation, positive affirmations and acting out the worst-case scenarios.

At the climax of the story, the school play, Timmy realises their lion is actually scared too. “I’ve spent all this time trying to get rid of you,” they say, “when maybe we should have faced our fears together!”

Timid (Little Tiger Press, 2022) is adorned with beautiful characters and show-stopping costumes, all stitched together in an empowering storyline about overcoming shyness. Readers will be inspired to face shyness when it appears and not to push it away, making space for feelings however difficult they may be.

This is a book for children who realise their shyness is holding them back, who want encouragement to tackle their shyness head on. It will show them just how dazzling confidence can be when you’re brave enough to go looking for it.