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WOLVES IN HELICOPTERS (Sarah Tagholm, Paddy Donnelly)

Wolves in Helicopters (Andersen Press, 2022) invites brave young readers to enter the world of Hop’s spine-tingling nightmares. This is an original picture book about a bunny called Hop, who each night has night terrors filled with scary, hungry-eyed wolves! Hop knows they only exist in her dreams, but they seem so real. Mummy comforts her and has some good advice, but can Hop find the courage to conquer the wolves?

This picture book has a unique and clever structure. Sarah’s text and use of repetition are perfectly timed and depict Hop’s courage and the escalating peril. Paddy’s illustrations are both menacing and comforting, portraying the danger of the wolves but also the safety Hop feels with her mummy. There’s also a whisker of humour dotted throughout.

By the end of the story, Hop overcomes the darkness and takes control of the scariest of situations, but with an unexpected twist! The reader is left feeling uplifted and empowered, knowing that they can be the director of their own dreams.

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Today is publication day for the third book in the Dot and Duck series! Illustrated by Olivier Tallec and published by Happy Yak (an imprint of Quarto Kids),

How Messy is the story of best friends, Dot and Duck. Dot hates mess and Duck hates tidy. Duck leaves the bed unmade, the cupboards open and breakfast everywhere. How messy! At the beach, Dot carefully lays out her towel and picnic… and Duck digs a big hole covering everything with sand! SO messy!

Olivier’s characterful watercolour illustrations bring this story to life, and big font makes the story easy for young readers. How Messy! is a simple yet hilarious story with a touching ending and an important message about accepting differences and learning to compromise.

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Love Your Library!

Ivybridge Library do an incredible job of supporting good reading habits and reading for pleasure, so it was an honour to spend the day with their hardworking team.

We ran workshops for visiting schools, focusing on empathy and understanding other people’s feelings, all based around my newest picture book with Olivier Tallec, How Rude!

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