KING PONG (January 2019)

King Pong is the bravest, strongest gorilla in the jungle but there’s just one problem… he’s never EVER had a bath!


Stitch is a werewolf who loves to knit, but there’s only so many knitted scarves one wolf can wear. He needs a pack! One full moon, he finds one.

THE TIDE (April 2019)

The Tide, illustrated by Ashling Lindsay, will be publishing with Little Tiger in 2019. More details soon! #TheTide

HOW RUDE! (November, 2018)

Illustrated by Olivier Tallec, published by Words & Pictures (Quarto), How Rude will have you laughing with every page turn!

When Duck shows up at Dot’s tea party, Dot has no idea what is about to happen or just how rude a guest Duck will prove to be. From licking sandwich fillings and throwing away the bread, to spitting tea everywhere, Duck just gets ruder and ruder! But how will Dot react? A simple yet hilarious story with an important message and touching ending.

You can order a copy here !

KING CARL AND THE WISH! (2018) Early reader (Blue)

Illustrated by Maria Pessarrodona and publishing with Maverick Books in August 2018

King Carl is at the fair. He hurls a hoop and wins one wish from a wizard! What will King Carl wish for?

JIM AND THE BIG FISH! (2018) Early reader (Yellow)

Illustrated by Patricia Reagan, publishing August 2018 with Maverick Books

Jim wants to catch a fish, but all he gets is shoes and socks! Will he ever get a big fish?

BISCUIT BLAST OFF! (May 2017) Early reader (Purple)

Illustrated by Sophia Touliatou, published by Maverick Books


Illustrated by Sophia Touliatou, published by Maverick Books

Captain Sneaky McSqueaky and his crew of pirate mice are trying to get to the moon to steal cheese, but to get there they need some help from Oliver …and his biscuits!


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