TIME TO MOVE SOUTH FOR WINTER (illustrated by Jenny Løvlie, Nosy Crow)

‘Time To Move South For Winter’ is a lyrical non-fiction narrative story about an Artic tern making her incredible annual migration to the Antarctic.

On her way, she passes humpback whales, caribou, Canada geese, leatherback turtles and monarch butterflies, each on their own incredible journey south for winter. When the Arctic tern finally arrives, she must find a new home on the Antarctic shore . . . until it’s time to return to the northern skies once again.

A beautiful, lyrical and reassuring bedtime story, perfect for young animal lovers, with a map and double-page spread of non-fiction facts at the end.

Please see a selection of activities to accompany the story, allowing you to learn more about animals migrations and the changing seasons. Perfect for ‘Pole to Pole’ topics!