World Book Week 2017

World Book Day shines a spotlight onto the subject of books and reading all over the world and this year I was lucky enough to spend the week with a large array of children and adults, many of them dressed as their favourite book characters!

My first stop was St Cleer Primary School, who welcomed me and my story-powered rocket with open arms. The children created wonderful and imaginative characters to send off into space. I hope your stories are coming on well… 5,4,3,2,1 STORIES!


The next stop was Year One at Warberry Academy, where the children worked in groups to design a setting, character and plot for their stories.
And at Elburton Primary School, I revisited one of my favourite school activities ; the biscuit jar crime scene! …which saw children from ages 4-11yrs making links and solving problems. Of course, no biscuit workshop is complete without testing the aerodynamics!

But what makes World Book Day special is definitely the commitment of the staff that organise it and support it; I saw children excited and enthusiastic about the dressing up, the paired reading, the book hunts and a wide range of other book related activities and this can only be a good thing. Thank you for inviting me along. What a privilege.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the week. 

Wherever you were and whoever you were dressed as, I hope you also had a wonderful week!

3 thoughts on “World Book Week 2017

    1. Thank you, Marcia. I really enjoyed myself and had great feedback. It’s such a privilege isn’t it? Hope you had a good week too.


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