On 1st April we welcomed ‘Wee? It Wasn’t Me!‘ into the world. Illustrated by Nicola O’Byrne and published by Macmillan, in this next adventure Lenny the ring-tailed lemur is on holiday in North America when he slips in something wet and yellow and smelly… it’s WEE! But whose wee could it be? Lenny is on a mission to find out.

We’ve been very busy marking the celebrations.

The week began with a UK tour, hosted by Heather at Reading Rocks. Lenny visited ten schools across the country in four days! The sessions included a piddle-tastic tongue twister, a lemur quiz, a reading of Wee! and a draw along from illustrator extraordinaire, Nicola O’Byrne. Children were invited to send their conspiracy of lemurs into us and we were so impressed with the standard of drawings – full of expression and all so unique, too.

Then on Thursday at 8pm, Heather (with her ‘Stories by the Sea’ hat on!) hosted a lovely evening launch, which was a wonderful way to celebrate the book we are so very proud of. Thank you to everyone who came to share in the Lenny love, including those who came in costume! Making a book is definitely a team effort, so it was fantastic to see Penny Morris, Josie Skillman and Lucy Twist from Macmillan, plus my agent Alice Williams. Thank you for talking about your involvement in this book from your side of the desk. Thank you also to Tracy Moore from Thomas Russell Infants School, who spoke about how much her children had enjoyed their stop on Lenny’s tour. The classes had even been inspired to research more about lemurs! Unfortunately, due to deadlines, Nicola was very much missed, but was with us in spirit.

Congratulations to Dave and Fiona Barker who won the lemur look-a-like competition !

To round off the celebrations, on the 2nd of April we hosted a family fun day with the help of Plymouth Children’s Book Group and FCBG; including a piddle-tastic tongue twister competition and other fun crafts! In case you missed them, here they are!

Thanks to everyone who made the week such a brilliant celebration!

We WEE-LLY enjoyed it! 😉

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