World Book Week 2023

That’s a wrap on another wonderful World Book Week!

There were a couple of early events, including visits to Herne View Primary, Denbury Primary School, the School For Inspiring Talents and Ugborough Primary School. In these were spectacular spectacles, beautiful bookmarks, well-being jars, slime cupcakes, the opening of a new library and visits to the newly finished authormobile!

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‘Design a Character’ Competition

Following a lovely school visit for Book Week, I was thrilled to run a ‘Design a Character’ competition for the KS2 children at Leigham Primary School, Plymouth.

But, gosh! What a challenge! There were 164 smashing entries from Year 3 up to Year 6 and it was a tough, tough job!

I was presented with original, beautifully illustrated and very well thought out ideas. In fact, it was *so* tough that I had to call on some help from some writerly, illustrator friends!

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World Book Day 2018

World Book Day was extra special this year because I was able to spend it in MY school, the school where I work, alongside it’s lovely staff and pupils.

Since the theme was ‘Share a Story,’ the staff got their heads together and arranged a rotation of activities based on one of their favourite books.

Here are a selection of photographs:

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