World Book Day 2018

World Book Day was extra special this year because I was able to spend it in MY school, the school where I work, alongside it’s lovely staff and pupils.

Since the theme was ‘Share a Story,’ the staff got their heads together and arranged a rotation of activities based on one of their favourite books.

Here are a selection of photographs:

In the afternoon, each class shared a little about their day. It was a real celebration of books and reading for pleasure.

But what was most exciting about it all, was being there the next day. I got to see first hand the fruits of our labour;

  • Children stopped me to say how much they enjoyed the various activities
  • Young children recognised books in the library from the teachers’ sessions the previous day
  • Children brought in the books they had bought with their £1 tokens to share with others
  • Children were giggling and browsing through the books at the book fair like toys
  • And staff spoke highly of the day too, and about how much they enjoyed themselves

Even yesterday, a week later, I received a little thank you note from a year six child. It only read just that; ‘thank you,’ but they came to find me at break time to check that I’d seen and read it and that really touched me.

I cannot wait to see the many other ways that our book day will benefit our school and bring us together.

So if you’re a teacher or headteacher or team leader thinking about an author visit or special reading event. Do it!

You won’t regret it.

3 thoughts on “World Book Day 2018

    1. Thanks Marcia, yes it was brilliant. I know there’s some debate about whether parents should have to fork out/ make costumes and the effectiveness of this… but when the first date was cancelled due to snow, everyone was so disappointed, mainly about their costumes !!

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