Leigham Primary School; Celebrating Books… and Biscuits!

This week Leigham Primary School celebrated Book Week and I was delighted when they asked me to join them.


But imagine my excitement when I found out that their theme was ‘food.’ Cue, lots of wild and ambitious event planning!

IMG_0600IMG_0611IMG_0618IMG_0619I soon settled on an activity where the children were inspired to draw and write about their favourite food, and then imagined a character who might steal it. But where’s the fun in planning and drafting stories on paper? …when you can do it on a foldable lunchbox instead!

Of course, no food themed day is complete without a biscuit hunt! Here’s a photo of Captain Bailey sniffing out the sprinkles, with a few clues from his ship mates.

IMG_0624.JPGBy the way, just look at the ideas and confidence of these 5-7 year olds, who thought up, drafted and wrote their own stories in only an hour. Truly amazing!

IMG_0593IMG_0608IMG_0615IMG_0607IMG_0602IMG_0595There were also assemblies for FS/KS1 and KS2 where, amongst other things, we continued to test the real life aerodynamics of biscuits. Today it was a tie between the custard cream and the chocolate bourbon!

IMG_0562IMG_0630IMG_0637Another highlight was chatting to the children over lunch and dedicating and signing books. Some parents wrote short poems and verses for me to add inside the cover for their child. A talented bunch!

“Fab! Really engaging and it inspired the children loads. Loved the planning process, hook and lunchbox template” -Becky Goss, Year Two teacher

A big thank you to all the children and staff at Leigham Primary School, for making me feel so welcome and for such super enthusiasm. Thank you for the feedback too!

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