Proof! The Jolly Dodger could exist

As a children’s writer the line between the real and the imaginary is often blurred, so imagine my excitement when I heard that it is entirely possible to build an aerodynamic biscuit rocket!

Through the wonder of Twitter I met Patrick Hanley. Patrick is an aerospace engineer and owner of @HanleyCFD. If you’re interested in aerodynamics, check out his #SimulationFriday tweets @pat_hanley.

Patrick kindly offered to test the aerodynamics of The Jolly Dodger and I am pleased to report , it’s pretty aerodynamic! (His words!)

Proof, not that it was ever needed, that pirate mice could steal the contents of your biscuit jar and build a rocket to fly into space. Hooray!

Now to prove that the moon *is* made of cheese!

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