Super Space Stories!

There was a real buzz at Blackpool C of E Primary School today, as the Key Stage One and Reception classes joined me for a morning of story writing and a special assembly.

IMG_0345The day started with a book signing. Meeting and chatting with so many lovely astronauts, stars, aliens and their parents was a great way to start the visit.

Then the children listened beautifully in assembly and asked thoughtful questions; my favourite was “Why are you still here?” (!)

Afterwards, the youngest children in school blew me away with their story ideas and enthusiasm for mark making, as they helped me fix my story- powered rocket.

Have a look at some of the super settings, characters and stories they created:


Here’s what the lovely staff said about the day;

“The workshop was amazing! The children were engaged from start to finish. Such a great way to get such young children to believe in themselves as writers! The children haven’t stopped talking about where they are going to travel in their rocket!”

“Super! The children enjoyed the activities and they fitted well with the introduction to story writing. Perfect for reception children. Their ideas can be further developed back  in the classroom. Hopefully some children will continue their thinking and writing.”

Thanks for a wonderful day, Blackpool C of E Primary School. I look forward to hearing how your stories and ideas develop!


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